Acculine Golf Pucks provides the tools to learn the best positions for a fundamentally proper aim and alignment and combining the Golf Pucks with video, proper viewing angles and analysis is more accurate.

With the new Acculine Swing Trainer it’s never been easier for golfers to gain the muscle memory needed to quickly improve and gain consistency. Balance and swing path awareness are now easily incorporated in a shorter time frame. I am now better able to assist my students achieve changes in their swings

more effectively and efficiently.”

John Gunby

PGA Instructor

The Golf Pucks provide amazing feedback to better visualize what's happening in your golf swing and ball flight, especially during video sessions."

Kim Haddow, LPGA Life Member

I can finally hit a draw consistently and my score has since dropped 10 strokes. This is the greatest tool I’ve used in the 20 years I’ve been playing golf!”

Josh White

13 Handicap

I love this system!

The best thing is that it’s increasing the value of my practice time.”

Judith Hinds

20x Club Champion

The Acculine Swing Trainer should be bought together with the Acculine Golf Pucks. Together they complement each other perfectly. With the Golf Pucks System laid out with a Target Path, Backswing Path, Downswing Path, Follow-through Path and Ball Position Guide Rod a golfer can finally see exactly where his swing path should be, and will be able to feel what their hands, arms, hips and shoulders are doing throughout their entire swing.”

Ed Hale

Retired Golf Professional, The Club at Prescott Lakes

Acculine Golf Pucks and the new Acculine Swing Trainer stay in my bag. Whenever I’m practicing, they come out. Whenever I’m coaching, they come out.

When I first tried the Acculine Swing Trainer I was truly surprised; I couldn't swing in balance. I couldn’t maintain my balance after I swung. After swinging the Acculine Swing Trainer for just 10 minutes, in the continuous Back and Forth swing drill, I discovered several very important things that I needed to change. I found that I needed to change my posture and re-position my stance in order to swing in balance; I needed to stand 3-4 inches closer to the ball (more upright) and adopt several more degrees of secondary spine tilt. These changes enabled me to swing on a more inside-out Downswing path. I also learned that I hadn’t been placing the ball at the bottom of my natural swing arc. I do now! I make better contact with the ball on every swing; I hit the exact center of the clubface 25 times in a row the first time I hit balls placed at the bottom of my swing arc! Most significantly, I now generate a more consistent clubhead speed with center of clubhead contact! With my 7 iron, my swing speed has increased 7.8 miles per hour and my carry distance went from 195-198 yards to 225 yards; without increasing my effort. And I maintain perfect balance throughout my swing.

I highly recommend Acculine Golf Pucks and the Acculine Swing Trainer to everyone!


Stuart Birch

PGA Instructor, Director of Golf at the Club at Prescott Lakes