• Brass ball:
    • American Made!
    • The round Brass ball is smooth, with no sharp edges
      • It will not dig into the ground when it comes in contact with the ground as it is swung,
    • Heavier than any golf club
    • Heavy enough to better feel every part of the golf swing
    • Being Brass, it is more readily viewed while being swung to identify swing characteristics:
      • To better visualize the Bottom of the Swing Arc by a teacher or someone watching the swing
      • Better to visualize the Downswing, Backswing, and Follow-Through swing paths by the user
  • Pure golf grip
    • American Made in Arizona!
  • Steel/Iron golf shaft
    • Heavy steel shaft adds to overall heft for better feedback to the golfer swinging the club
    • American Made!

Acculine Swing Trainer

  • If you’re not seeing remarkable changes in your game, then simply return the package within 30 days of your ship date for a full, no-questions-asked refund.