The One Puck System is simple to set up and quick and easy to use:

  • Leave the Guide Rods attached to the Golf Puck and simply rotate the Guide Rods into position to use and then rotate back to paralell to store in your Golf Bag for quick use
  • This System Includes:

    • One Acculine Golf Puck™ (Patent Pending) 

    • Two Guide Rods (1-42", and 1-36")

    • Instruction Manual

The One Puck System allows the golfer or instructor to adjust set up positions for:

  • Ball & Feet alignment 

  • Target alignment (when the Foot Alignment Guide Rod is set to the target)

  • Posture (the distance that the ball is positioned from the feet can be set)

  • Clubface alignment at address for open, square or closed

The One Puck System

  • If you’re not seeing remarkable changes in your game, then simply return the package within 30 days of your ship date for a full, no-questions-asked refund.

    • One Acculine Golf Puck® 
    • Two Guide Rods (42" and 36")
    • Instruction Manual

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