How to choose the right system for you:

  • The One Puck System

    • ​​This System is ideal for golfers that prefer the efficiency that practice with only two guide rods affords.

    • ​Includes two guide rods (1-42", and 1-36")


  • The Four Puck System  

    • This System is ideal for golfers that want to work on all aspects of their swing simultaneously; obtaining the most feedback.

    • Includes eight guide rods(1-42",2-36", 1-30", 2-24", 1-18" and 1-15")
    • The Four Puck System has exclusive setup configurations for understanding and improving every part of your game: driving, fairway shots, putting, chipping and bunker play
      • The benefits of using four Golf Pucks are: 
        • a Target and a Downswing Alignment Guide rod can be used at the same time. 

        • a Vertical Alignment Guide rod can be placed in one of the Pucks under your hands, (for seeing where your hands are through the swing, and for determining if there is shaft lean at impact - changing the loft of the club),

        • a Heel Alignment Guide rod can be used with every setup configuration, (making learning repeatable proper foot placement easier),

  • The Pro-Pack System

    • This System is the ultimate toolkit for golfers and teachers to use that are working on multiple areas of their game and need every tool to assess how everything works together during the swing. 

    • The Pro-Pack includes 5 Golf Pucks and 10 Guide Rods (2-42", 3-36", 1-30", 2-24", 1-18", and 1-15")

    • Combine all Golf Pucks together to setup for every club in your bag; Driver, Long and Short Irons, Bunker Play, Pitching, Chipping and Putting. 

      • Use for:​​​

      • Heel Alignment​

      • Backswing Path

      • Downswing Path

      • Target Alignment

      • Follow Through Path

      • Distance to Stand from the Ball

      • Forward Shaft Lean

      • Hand Position

Acculine Add-ons:

  • Additional Yellow or white Guide Rod Sets can be added to existing Golf Puck systems providing the benefit of using additional longer or shorter guide rods or using yellow guide rods for specific alignment options to isolate a purpose or for better video differentiation. Each set contains a 42", 36", 30", 24" and an 18" guide rod.

  • More products coming soon!